Viper Island

Viper Island is the place near to Port Blair and was the site of the old jail where the British keep political prisoners and harbor convicts. This Island is serene beautiful tourist destination and is exceptionally exquisite and tranquil. This island witnessed the untold suffering that our freedom fighters had undergo and when they found guilty they were put in fretters and made hard to work on the island. The main attraction of the island is the ruin building famous as women’s jail. This place is visited by number of tourists as it has multiple tourist attractions with historical importance and has mesmerizing picnic spot with natural picturesque environment. This is a small island that derive its name from the vessel ‘viper’ in which Lt. Archibald Blair came to Andaman and Nicobar islands in 1789. This building is located on the small hill and trip to this island is operated on the demand based upon the number of tourist who are willing to explore and reach this beautiful and small destination and it is an empyrean for both the history lovers and nature admirers. The island is strikingly beautiful, with its amazing beaches, cliffs, forest and deep blue sea with clear water surrounding it. Its historical significance make this island so popular with tourists and it has a permanent place in the history of Indian freedom struggle and this trip must be included in your whole Andaman tour. A cruise around the island will give you a panoramic view of island.

One can take a visit to see the old jail building on this island and during the boat journey to this island one can also see the main Port and navy ships of Port Blair. This island also have some scenic picnic spots where one can relax.

The destination is popular for its indigenous tribes and famous cuisines like lobster, prawn and various other seafood, apart from that south Indian, continental and Chinese dishes are also available.

Places to visit near Viper Island

Samudrika Marine Museum It is administrated by Navy and is also termed as Naval Marine Museum. One can find enormous collection of corals, shells and few other exotic marine lives in this museum. This museum is located in Delanipur, on opposite side of Andaman Teal House and it will be open from 8:30 am till 12 noon and from 2 pm to 5 pm. It has the largest collection of colored fishes that are rarest treasures, photos are not allowed to be taken in that particular section alone. This campus is at cheaper rates when compared with other shops.

Mini zoo This is a very small zoo situated in “Haddo” nearby Port Blair is with very limited collection of wild species. There are nearby 200 species of the birds and animals in mini zoo. Crocodile breeding program is much famous in this zoo.

Anthropological Museum It is located on the Phoenix Bay and is established in the year 1957 and it display information about four Negroid Tribes [Onges, Jarawas, Andamanese and Sentinelese] of Andaman and two Mongloid tribes [Nicobarese and Shompens] of Nicobar tribes. These tribes has an amazing collection of clay model of house, weapons utensils, ornaments equipment’s etc.

Fishery Museum It is located near to Andaman water sports complex and has nearly 350 species of marine life like shark, starfish, polyps, reside corals etc. these sea life are fetched from Bay of Bengal and Indo pacific sea. The entry fee for Fishery Museum is very low like INR 2 for adults and INR 1 for kids. One can also bought video recording of Fishery museum at INR 25.

The best time to visit Viper Island is between October to March as the weather is comparatively cool and pleasant.

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