Ross Island

Ross Island is one of the beautiful destination while travelling Andaman and is the sixth among island in the world by highest point [3794m]. It is the Headquarter of British colony and today it houses and people see the ruins of Building that were built during the British time, ruins of church, printing press, government offices, tennis court, power house, bakery and pond can also be seen. The other name of this Island is ‘Netaji Subhash Chand Bose Island’ and this island is just two kilometers from Port Blair. A museum named ‘Smritika’ being maintained by Navy in this Island, Old photographs, documentary and photocopies of Rose Island are displayed in this museum. It has become a hot spot tourist destination to see it ruins and savor the glory of the past days. Its charming beauty not only attracts the adventurous crowd but also history buffs due to its historical significance and it is enveloped with a sense of nostalgia and takes the visitors back in time.

Major attractions of Ross Island

One can visit some of the major attractions in Ross Island like Chief Commissioner’s house, the Cathedral and Graveyard of the Britishers. Once you visit the Island you will see the state of the art and light show commissioned by the tourist department to keep alive the memories of past. This Island have a great panoramic view of nearby Island and one can get a chance to see many animals like Peacocks, deer’s and ducks amidst the cool breeze and the amazing view of sea and this Island is full of coconut and palm trees. There are so many places in the island for the tourist to sit and relax, you can just walk around and admire the beautiful floral and faunal species on the island.

People should not take photographs while approaching the island as it considered the secured place, they have to take entry ticket of the island and are free to take photographs inside it .A small shop of food items is available in the island for snacks only and the food found here also has a regional influence and is a must try. People can spend more timing visiting more beaches like Ferar beach at the other side of beach .Use of plastic items and disposing is prohibited.

Swimming is allowed only near 'Smritika'

One can visit the Ross Island by ferry ride from Marine Park, Port Blair. You can cover the entire Island in a day and take ferry in the morning and return back in the afternoon because ferries run from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Ross Island is during the months of November and February. These months are the ideal time to visit and explore the Island as the weather during the season remains fresh resulting best for sightseeing and other water activities. A maximum of 2 hours is sufficient to cover all the places and enjoy the inner beauty of this Island.

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