Havelock Island

Havelock Island have charming, scenic, and picture perfect beaches that are idyllic for relaxation and fun. These beaches offer ample scope to spend cozy time with your loved ones far away from the maddening crowd. Popular beaches of Havelock are Radhanagar beach, Elephant beach, Kalapathar beach.

Radhanagar Beach

This beach is awarded as the most beautiful beach in India and worlds 7th most beautiful beach by ‘Time Magazine’ and therefore it is also named as Beach no 7. It is adorned with snow white sands, sizzling shores, crystal blue water and pristine forests. The beauty of this beach surely leave the tourists spellbound and it offers a quiet and peaceful time to the travelers. Be sure to see the stunning sun set in the evening. This is the best beach to include in your itinerary.

Elephant Beach

It is one of the most popular and sandy beach. This beach is ideal for lazing around or even indulging in adventurous water sports like snorkeling, mirror boat rides, swimming, diving, kayaking, trekking and gaze at sunset or sunrise. Travelers have a wonderful experience if they visit the beach in the early morning, beautiful and vibrant birds will be an add-on sure. Skipping Elephant beach in Andaman means you have missed something amazing. A 20 minute boat ride from Havelock takes you to this beautiful beach.

Kalapathar Beach

This beach is one of the most scenic splendors of Havelock Island and it is a long stretch of white silky sand with big black rocks beside the blue sea. The water in the beach is deep enough to swim and is not affected by tides. While going in the water of this beach take care of some rocks and corals .As it is a small picnic area and offers couple of umbrellas and wooden chairs. In seasons local sell fresh coconuts and mango juices. Best thing to do on this beach is relaxing and sunbathing in hammocks.

Best things to do in Havelock Island.

  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving These are supreme fun water sports in Havelock and these two requires no swimming skills.
  • Swimming with Elephants Radhanagar beach is known for ‘Rajan’ an elephant that swims with the travelers.
  • Riding in a Sea Plane One can travel form Port Blair to Havelock and back in Sea-Plane in about 15 minutes and it is a unique form of transportation carrying upto 9 passengers at a time and prior booking is advisable.

Best time to visit Havelock Island

October to March is the best time to visit as the climate is pleasantly cool and appropriate for sightseeing. Water is clean, calm and ideal for watersports in these months.

Food in Havelock Island

Sea food lovers will find their paradise in Havelock. Most beach resorts serve lip-smacking white snapper fish, lobster, kingcrab and barracuda fry

Don’t forget to try the fresh sweet coconut water after a day on the beach that will refresh you instantly. It is a perfect way to end a delicious meal.

Packing essentials

  • Light cotton clothes
  • Caps, hats and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and lots of sunscreen
  • Casual evening attire
  • Sleeping attires
  • Raincoats or poncho
  • Sarongs for beach
  • Bathing suits and others.

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